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We have crafted a variety of workouts just for you! Including full body workouts, 4-week programs, added cardio sessions, variety of training styles, and meal plans to match

Kick Starter fitness program with Chrissy Denton

Kick Starter

Are you ready to kick start your fitness journey? This program is designed to introduce you to fitness training, motivate you to make changes, and challenge your body (in the right way). You'll work through high-intensity cardio, full-body strength, and exercises to tone and lengthen your muscles.

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Lean It Out fitness program with Chrissy Denton

Lean It Out

Are you looking to shake things up? This full-body program will help tone the legs, sculpt the arms and get your metabolism fired up. You'll enjoy a combination of strength exercises, cardio, HIIT, and some flexibility to finish things off.

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Fab abs with Chrissy Denton

Fab Abs

This program targets and tones the abdominal muscles to help you build strength, stability, and definition. Full of variety, your program includes abdominal exercises, high-intensity cardio, and bodyweight challenges.

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Booty builder program with Chrissy Denton

Booty Builder

Want a tighter tush? You will love this program aimed at targeting the lower body and booty area. You'll feel the burn with a mixture of strength, cardio, and flexibility to shape, tone, and lift those buns.

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