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The Art of Mindfulness

For most of us, we live each day with a sense of 'rush' whilst struggling to get our daily chores done. Rushing the kids to school before arriving at the office and getting started on the never-ending list of emails. Sound familiar? As we rush we tend to forget about being present in the moment and enjoying life right now.

Mindfulness and meditation practices have been around for many years where it has the ability to rewire and reset the brain by focusing your attention on the present moment, similar to a form of 'mental training'.

Health article, the art of mindfulness by Chrissy Denton

Research has shown that mindfulness meditation can demonstrate improvements in both physical and psychological symptoms as well as positive changes in health attitudes and behaviors.

Benefits include:

1. Improves well-being and happiness
2. Improves physical health and reduces stress
3. Reduces chronic pain and improves blood pressure
4. Improves quality of sleep
5. Enhances immune function
6. Improves mental health – reduces depression and anxiety

Mindfulness practices can be done on your own by following instructions in a book or on tape. There are many app's that can be easily downloaded and followed using a step-by-step guide. Whilst some people prefer the guidance and support of a practitioner or group to stay motivated.

Great apps include: Headspace or Address Stress.

If you notice yourself constantly feeling rushed or struggling to get through your never ending 'to do' list then your body might be screaming out for some mindfulness meditation. So give it a try, your mind and body will thank you for it!

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Blog, fitness nutrition and fitness coach, Hong Kong, Chrissy Denton


Blog, fitness nutrition and fitness coach, Hong Kong, Chrissy Denton


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